Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Winter Haiku (19th January 2010)

Gloves, scarf, snowy days

Blizzards howl in icy blasts

Winds chill bitterly

(c) Adam Bojelian

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Christmas Gibbons (October 2010)

Gibbons are fun at Christmas,

They don't mind the snow,

Gibbons are fun at Christmas,

But there is something about them you don't know.

They are Santa's secret weapon,

They work on Christmas night,

Swinging across the roof tops,

They really are a sight.

Bringing lots of presents,

All around the world they go,

More agile than the reindeers,

Swining to and fro.

They are Santa's secret posties,

Bringing gifts wrapped in paper and ribbons,

You thought the reindeers did this job,

Now you know it is the gibbons.

(c) Adam Bojelian 2010

The Green Fish (17th August 2010)

The green fish wakes me up in the lake,

He swims with me through the water.

The green heron glides speedily to the bank,

I dive into the beautiful depths.

The heron plummets under the water to join me,

The fish plunges down to join us both.

We swim together through the calming and peaceful waters.

The green fish and the green heron sparkle,

Three amphibious allies dancing in the depths.

(c) Adam Bojelian 2010

Summer Time (Summer 2009)

This is the first poem I ever wrote.

In the summer I like to play,

With my dog Charlie every day.

In the summer I go to the beach,

We go by car, it is not far to reach.

In the summer I go to the festival shows,

Enjoy music, books, plays and loads.

In the summer I ride my bike,

It has three wheels it is called a trike.

In the summer I go away,

Visit friends and family with whom I play.

In the summer best of all,

I spend time with mum and dad and look forward to the fall.

(c) Adam Bojelian 2009


My name is Adam and I am nine,

And I own the smartest, funniest dog in town,

His name is Charlie and he is a clown.

He is small and white with a waggy tail,

Two sticky up ears and an eye patch of brown.

Round and round my room he'll race,

Wagging his tail and licking my face,

Shaking wet fur all over the place.

"Oh Charlie" mum cries

"Your muddy paws all over the floor."

And Charlie darts straight out of the door,

Only to return when the coast is clear.

Beside me he lies whether I'm poorly or well,

He is as wise as can be and I'm sure he can tell,

Nudging and pawing to snuggle away,

Close up beside me, he'll stay there all day.

(c) Adam Bojelian 2009

A Silly Poem (17th November 2009)

At my school the green fish digs a hole and chases the dog down the road.

In the yard the big dinosaur laughs out loud and tells me a joke,

I laugh.

Later that day I saw a bug eat my teacher for lunch.

The lion reads a book in the tree

and then

a scientist with a monkey drives a car too fast through the air.

In my dreams I catch a spaceship to the moon.

I go off looking for hot dogs.