Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Layers of the Rainforest

Community climbing in the sky
Creatures clamouring and calling
The canopy covers like a cloak

Trees reach tall, touching together
entwining treasure within branches and twigs

Underneath is the understory:
Unlit and unseen
The rainforest holds the unknown

The forest floor, a fabric of foliage
Fragrant flowers and fascinating frogs
It may be far away from Scotland:
but it affects us all -
The rainforest is full of the future.

(c) Adam Bojelian May 2011

Monday, 9 May 2011

More Media Interest

I am practising hard for my sponsored trike ride at the end of May to raise funds for Contact A Family which provides advice,information and support for families with disabled children. I hope to raise £5,000 and still have another £1,500 to go, so if you would like to help you can sponsor me at

I have been very busy meeting journalists lately as the media has been very interested in both my trike ride and poetry writing.

You can read the article published in the Edinburgh Evening News about me on 25th April 2011 here:-


and the article published in the Scottish Sunday Mail on 8th May 2011 here:-


Thank You!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

BBC Culture Cafe

Listen to the BBC Culture Cafe Programme featuring me and my poetry broadcast Tuesday 3rd May. I am mentioned in the introduction, the item about me is 28 minutes and 15 seconds in and I even get one or two mentions in the following piece on children's festivals.