Monday, 16 June 2014

My Going Home List

I'm really looking forward to getting home after being in hospital for almost a year.
These are some of the things I'm looking forward to doing:-

1. Go for long walks with Charlie Dog
2. Have my cousins to stay
3. Go to London
4. Go to Liverpool
5. Go to Edinburgh Book Festival
6. Ride my bike
7. Go to school
8. Go to Whitby
9. Do some more fundraising
10. Do some baking 
11. See my Granny
12. Have a party
13. Have a church service
14. Go on a river boat
15. Ride a horse
16. Writes some poems
17. Make some films
18. Plant a vegetable garden
19. Build a wild life pond 
20. Write some short stories
21. Go to some museums & galleries
22. Go to the park
23. Make some new friends
24. Take some photographs
25. Write some blogs
And more

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


If you have visited my blog or follow me on twitter @AdsthePoet you will know one of my hobbies is FUNdraising.  I like to put the FUN into FUNdraising.

At the moment I am fundraising for Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal, the hospital I have been in since September 2013. That is a long time to be in hospital, especially if like me you are in isolation.  I want to thank the staff at Leeds for the wonderful care I have received here.

The nurses, doctors and all the staff are brilliant, but I do miss out on FUN!  I miss going to school, I miss doing fun things and I miss seeing my friends and wider family,  Luckily my TWITTER friends are really good at keeping me happy and connected to the world. I had a brilliant twitter birthday party, but more FUN would make my life so much better.  I want to flourish not just survive!

I am sure there are many other boys and girls in my hospital who would also like more FUN. The Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal does a great job, but to me it seems that often the same hospitals and or the same wards always seem to benefit from charities and the same hospitals and wards always seem to miss out, for example when celebrities are fundraising or visiting.  To me that seems wrong.   It is brilliant that the children in those hospitals and on those wards get such good facilities and FUN, they should, but I don't understand why ALL children and young people in all hospitals and in all wards shouldn't share in the FUN, also have fun visitors and lots of entertainment too. #WeAllMatter! 

So I want to CHANGE THIS, starting with my ward and my hospital.  I want ALL children and young people in Leeds Children's Hospital, but most especially those who have long stays & who are very poorly to have lots of fun, entertainment and visitors.  It shouldn't depend on your medical condition or your geographical location whether or not you have FUN when you are in hospital. Fun is too important for that.  In particular it seems WRONG that it is the children who are often in the most and the the longest, with neuro-disability like me who are the ones who are missing out most! WHY? #WeAllMatter!

If you would like to help create a #FUNFUND so that ALL the children and young people in Leeds Children's Hospital can have FUN, here are some things you can do:-

You can join in my #WorldCup2014 Sweepstake, raising funds for Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal.

You can see how to do that HERE

You can also sponsor my mum, who is running the Leeds 10K for Leeds Children Hospital Appeal HERE

Once I am out of hospital, with the help of my TWITTER friends I also want to organise a concert in Leeds to raise money for my #FUNFUND for Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal.  Do get in touch via twitter @AdsthePoet if you are able to help organise this concert in anyway.

Also once I am out of hospital CharlieDog is going to help me in lots of FUNdraising events, such as a dogolympics and a dog themed quiz.

I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to my friends Eduzine Global and @Futureistex for supporting me by funding raising for Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal. You are awesome!

THANK YOU for all your support!  Lets ensure ALL children in EVERY hospital have the best life they can.




#FUNFUND  #WeAllMatter!