Thursday, 14 June 2012

I remember watching the Beijing Olympics on T.V. and loved it and was really excited that the Olympics was coming to the UK.   I was therefore delighted when mum told me she had got some tickets for the Olympic Torch celebration at Edinburgh Castle.

I hadn't been well for the past week so was worried that I might missed it, but I had been a bit better for the last couple of days and back to school, so hurrah! I made it!

There was little sign of any of the Olympic competitors, I suppose they are all getting ready for their events, but it was a good fun night and I got a brilliant view of the Olympic Torch as it came pass just in front of me.

Mum made a little film for me to share with you and so that I will remember what so many people on stage were calling a "once in a life time" event.

I hope you enjoy it.