Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I am delighted to share with you the news that another article has been published about me and my poetry. This time it is in Connected magazine. I particularly like the illustrations to my Silly Poem.

You can link to the article here.  It is on pages 20-21:-

Thursday, 15 September 2011


I'm a regular visitor to Yorkhill Children's Hospital so when Yorkhill Children's Foundation asked me if I would write a poem about Yorkhill staff to celebrate their 10th birthday I was very happy to do so. Yorkhill Children's Foundation is 10 this week and my poem is now published on their website:-

I hope you like my poem and if you do perhaps you would even like to visit Yorkhill Children's Foundation's website:- and make them a wee donation for their 10th birthday. Yorkhill is a great children's hospital.


Doctors, nurses and all at Yorkhill
Are great at looking after kids when they're ill.
They do all they can to make us feel good, to make us happy, just as they should.

The Children's Foundation are also brill, they raise lots of funds for Yorkhill.
Hooray and happy birthday, you are ten this week, I hope your good work, hits a new peak.

When I come to visit, I see Dr. Phil*.
He helps me feel better, when I'm feeling ill.
His cleverness stops me from going down hill and funnily enough, his name even rhymes with Yorkhill!

* Dr Phil Davis, my respiratory consultant at Yorkhill.