Thursday, 29 March 2012

Haiku & Einstein

As I can't get to school full time I have a home teacher who comes to work with me twice a week. She even comes to work with me if I'm in hospital. Her name is Julie and she is absolutely brilliant, she works for the Hospital and Outreach Teaching Service.  I do the same work with her, as I would be doing if I was able to get into school full time and she always makes it really fun.

I share the work I have done at home with my teachers and classmates.  One of the ways I do this is using Vokis.  I choose the avatar and what they will say and the avatar speaks my words for me.  I like to choose an avatar which matches the work I am doing.

Here are some Vokis I made with Julie, the first one presents two Haikus I wrote and the others present the project I did on Einstein. I had lots of fun working on this projects so do hope you enjoy them.