Saturday, 8 October 2011


After more than a year of waiting I was very excited to start my new school in August. I have moved from my old special school to a mainstream primary, so it was a big deal for everyone involved and required lots and lots of planning.   I love my new school!  My class mates are brilliant and I really like chatting with them. They all made me welcome cards before I joined them and a book telling me all about them.  They are all really good at watching for my blinks so that we can have conversations.  It is so good being in a school where I can chat with my class mates and do school work like everyone else.

I also have wonderful teachers, who have very quickly picked up how to understand my blink speech and the skill of giving me multiple choice questions to answer, so that I can do my school work.  I have learnt so much  in just a few weeks, despite missing lots of days when I have been poorly, much more than I learnt in years at my old school.    I've done lots of maths, a subject I wasn't too keen on before, but I'm now beginning to really enjoy it.  I also now have homework to do and really enjoyed learning about the Titantic and making a poster telling about the experiences of third class passengers.  I'll be taking it into school next week, so I hope my class mates and teachers like it.