Friday, 10 October 2014

My Next Steps in Fundraising...

I love fundraising, it is one of my hobbies.  Planning things and raising funds always cheers me up.
I've made lots of good friends through fundraising, especially on twitter. Hopefully the funds I have raised have also done some good, even if it is just a little.

I've got a number of fundraising projects & plans at the moment.

I'm selling desk calendars with my poems for Young Epilepsy.

I'm also selling mugs with my Leadership poem for Leeds Children's Hospital Appeal.

If you would like either please do contact me via this blog or on twitter @AdsthePoet

Mum is helping me organise a "Bake Off" competition in my village. My village friends
will decorate cup cakes and cakes, with prizes for the best designs for people of all ages.
We will then auction the cakes with proceeds going to Young Epilepsy. There is already 
a lot of support for the idea in the village and I haven't even set the day yet.

Last year for Children In Needs I auctioned me writing a poem for the winner. It was very popular and the winner @kirstie79 loved my poem Happiness, so I'm thinking of doing the same this year.

I'm also looking ahead to next Spring when the weather is better.  I have hundreds of books, so I'm thinking of holding a book sale for @Readwell in my lane.  I also have lots of teddy bears so I could include some of them too.

Sometimes being in hospital is really tough, but planning and organising these activities really helps me get through tough times.

Thank you everyone who has supported my fundraising. You are superstars.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

@JennytheM Goes to Number 10

The best midwife on twitter named Jen,
Got invited to meet Dave at no. 10,
He invited her in,
To hear about skin to skin,
The best thing for babies, Amen!

(C) Adam Bojelian 2014

Saturday, 4 October 2014


This rhyme is a puzzle, as you will see,
This rhyme tells you what a good leader should be.
A good leader respects the young and the old,
A good leader observes and is prepared to be bold.
A good leader is brave and will try something new,
A good leader works hard and gives praise when it's due.
A good leader expects the best from all staff,
A good leader brings happiness and shares in a laugh.
A good leader supports patients and gives them the best,
A good leader teaches staff to be ahead of the rest.
A good leader explains if something goes amiss,
A good leader rejoices in times of great bliss.
If you study this rhyme and look very close,
You'll discover the leader I admire most.

(C) Adam Bojelian 2014