Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Jamie and the Ceeiabs - A Modern Myth

Here is the short story I wrote for my English course, it took me quite a long time and a lot of effort to write it, so I hope you enjoy it:-

Jamie was riding his bike through the park.  Although it was June and the weekend before his school was due to break up for the summer, the weather was cold.  Jamie was wearing his wellingtons, his jeans and a red and green striped jumper

Jamie rode his bike through the park, his red hair blowing in the wind.  As he peddled, Jamie suddenly noticed he was being chased by a small Jack Russell dog. Jamie increased his speed to try and get away from the dog.

Suddenly Jamie skidded, he veered off the path directly into the pond.  As Jamie plunged in, something very strange happened, it was dry under the water.  Jamie fell down to the earth.  It was very dark, just enough light to see.  Jamie landed on the ground gently. He looked up and realised he was surrounded by some strange looking people.

The people around him were called Ceeiabs (pronounced Chi-abs), although Jamie did not know this.  They were the size of humans; their heads very similar to humans, but everyone was wearing a beanie hat, the hats were all different colours.  Everyone of the Ceeiabs had seven arms and one leg with two wheels at the bottom.

There must have been about fifty Ceeiabs surrounding Jamie.  They were all taller than him.  Jamie felt scared, he did not know what was going to happen.  He had lost his bike and all the Ceeiabs were staring at him, but not saying anything or making any noise.  That made Jamie even more scared. Some of the Ceeiabs started playing with Jamie’s hair.

Just as Jamie was beginning to panic, one Ceeiab came towards him from out of the crowd. He was exactly the same as the others, except he was not wearing a beanie hat, he was bald.  The bald Ceeiab waved to the others to go away, but they just stood and stared at Jamie. The Ceeiab then pushed Jamie sideways through the crowd, Jamie was terrified. The Ceeiab used his seven arms like swords to make a path through the crowd. The other Ceeiabs were so surprised they did not fight back.

Once through the crowd Jamie began to run, he could go much faster than the Ceeiabs on their small wheels.  But when Jamie glanced back, he saw the friendly Ceeiab being chased by all of the other Ceeiabs.  Jamie didn’t know what to do.  Should he run off by himself or go back to help his new friend? Jamie knew the right thing to do was to go back to help.  He ran back to his friend and dragged him by one of his arms, pulling him along behind him.  Together they escaped from the other Ceeiabs. 

Once Jamie thought the unfriendly Ceeiabs were far enough away he stopped running.  He was out of breath. Jamie had been running with the Ceeiab for about five minutes and they had travelled almost a kilometre. 

Just as he was feeling more comfortable, in front of him Jamie noticed another group of Ceeiabs.  At first he felt scared again, but they waved to him and his new friend, with all their seven arms.  They looked really happy and friendly. His friend waved back with his seven arms and also looked really happy.  It is clear to Jamie they knew each other. Jamie pulled his friend over to the group.  The Ceeiabs all hugged each other.  Jamie’s friend introduced Jamie and all the other Ceeiabs started hugging him.  Jamie was delighted he has got his friend who had helped him, safely home. He then wondered how he would get safely home himself and felt scared again.

Through the group of Ceeiabs a small Ceeiab, about Jamie’s size appeared pushing Jamie’s bike.  Jamie noticed that the handle bars were a bit bent, but otherwise it looked fine.  The Ceeiabs encouraged Jamie to get onto the bike. His new friend, the bald Ceeiab also handed him a navy blue beanie hat, which Jamie put on his head.  Jamie climbed on to his bike and peddled hard. As he did he felt the bike rising up out of what would have been the pond.  Jamie turned and waved to the Ceeiabs, they all waved back using all their arms. They all looked happy.  As he peddled Jamie got higher and higher, until he found himself out of the pond and back on the path where he had been chased by the wee dog.  Jamie was very happy to be back.  He was surprised by his adventure, he wondered if he had imagined it, but he could feel the navy blue beanie hat on his head, so he knew it had been true.

(c) Adam Bojelian 2013

Friday, 1 February 2013

Caledonia Dreaming

My school asked me to write a poem about Scotland for Burns Night (25th January) and here it is:-

Caledonia Dreaming

What is Scotland? Tourist say
Saltire, tartan and Hogmanay.

But what does Scotland mean to me?
Mountains, handsome cities and roaring sea.

Without Scots inventors where would we be?
No telephones, no penicillin and no T.V.

Our footballers may not bring much joy,
But my sporting heroes are Murray & Chris Hoy.

Edinburgh's Book Festival is my favourite place to go,
I love meeting great authors, Duffy and Morpurgo.

I love my friends at Forthview school,
Making me laugh, acting the fool.

But best is mum and dad, my cousins too, and
Charlie Dog sniffing out at bone to chew.

Scotland is not a country of fried Mars Bars.
It is a great nation, full of shining stars!

(c) Adam Bojelian 2013