Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Sun (April 2011)

I like it when the sun shines,
When it's warm and hot and bright,
To feel the sun's rays on my face,
From early morn till night.

I like to lie in the park,
When the sun is high,
To listen to the birdsong
And watch the world go by.

I like to play on the beach
And smell the rolling sea,
To watch my dad fly a kite
And hope it won't hit me!

(c) Adam Bojelian

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Adam! I love your poetry--this poem perfectly captures a warm spring afternoon, on your side of the pond, or mind! I love how you always seem to know what you're doing with the verses, and direct the way you want the poem to go; your last few stanzas always make me laugh. In my English class (I'm in eleventh grade) I have a read a lot of the poetry my classmates write, and none of it is as good as yours. They don't seem to care about the words as much as you do.

    Great work, keep writing, and I'll keep reading! Cheers!