Wednesday, 20 March 2013

World Cup Winner

I wrote this poem for my home study English course, I had to imagine I was scoring the winning goal in football match, hope you like it:-

World Cup Winner

With aching legs and a heart full of pride,
The noise of the crowd left nowhere to hide.
The clock was ticking towards the end of the game,
If it stayed a draw, it would be a shame.
In my nation’s shirt, in the heart  of  Brazil
Scoring the winning goal would be such a thrill.
In the heat of Rio, I dive for the ball,
But it hits the post, I feel such a fool!
I rally my strength and run up the pitch,
I use my right foot, avoiding a hitch.
The ball floats through the air and over the line,
The feeling inside of me is simply divine.
The ref blows the whistle, the crowd shout and scream,
I’ve scored the winner, I’m living the dream!

(c) Adam Bojelian 2013


  1. Until a year ago I hated football. I now enjoy playing with a client but have no interest beyond that. BUT, I enjoyed your poem because it put me there. Easy to read but I know a lot of effort goes into making it work and getting it on the 'page'.
    Thanks Adam.

    1. Thank you. I'm really pleased you liked my poem. Thank you also for taking the time to comment.