Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Happiness, A poem for Kirstie

Happiness is the people I love,
Happiness is the things that I do,
Happiness is the books I read,
What does happiness mean to you?

Mum, dad, cousin Nads,
Granny, Grandad, Charlie too,
Friends, caring nurses and doctors,
Who are the people bringing happiness to you?

Tweeting, chatting, watching sport,
History, science and English too,
T.V, quizzes, festival shows,
What are the happy things you do?

Sunshine, holidays , Christmas lights,
Hugs and kisses, time with friends,
River boat trips and happy memories,
I hope your happiness never ends! 

(C) Adam Bojelian 2013

This poem was written for @kirsti79 who very
generously placed the winning bid in my write
a poem auction for Children In Needs. Thank you
Kirstie I hope you like your poem. 
Special thanks also go to @RobWebster_LCH who
kindly also donated his loosing bid to Children In Need. 

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