Saturday, 22 March 2014

Twitter: My Window On The World

10 Reasons Why I Love Twitter

Being in hospital, especially if you are in for months on end and in isolation can be very lonely. I really miss my cousins, my friends, going to school, getting out and about and Charlie Dog. 

But with Twitter I can:-

1) find out easily what is going on in the world;

2) share my life with people;

3) share my poems and stories;

4) makes friends all over the world;

5) talk with people I wouldn't otherwise have a chance to talk to;

6) take part in things that I otherwise wouldn't be able to take part in like #NHSChangeDay and #ChildrenInNeed;

7) go straight to the top and talk directly to people with power;

8) tell people about the reality of my life;

9) celebrate Christmas, birthdays & special occassions with friends; and

10) not be isolated and lonely. 

Thank you Twitter and all my wonderful Twitter friends!

Find me on Twitter @Adsthepoet

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