Monday, 21 May 2012

Adam Explores Burke & Hare's Edinburgh

My class has been doing a project on Old Edinburgh, so I decided to make a film about Burke and Hare, Edinburgh's worse killers.

I read about Burke and Hare on-line and found out lots about them.  I then went to some of the places in Edinburgh associated with them, such as the medical school they sold the bodies to and even the place they hid some of the bodies.

I filmed some of the scenes. You can tell which as these are the wobbly bits, as my wheelchair is not very smooth and it is difficult for me to hold the camera. Mum filmed other scenes for me.  I told her what I wanted to film, where she should stand to film it and when to start and when to stop the camera. I therefore acted as the Director and Mum was the camerawoman.

Once home, Mum showed me different styles of film on iMovie and I choose a "Film Noir" style because I thought this fitted in best with the Burke and Hare's story.  I wrote to words and choose which pictures and film should go with which scenes.  I like the final film and hope my teacher and others will to.

You can watch my film from this link, enjoy!

(c) Adam Bojelian 2012

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