Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Opps I've done it again!

I was very excited earlier in the year to hear that I had been nominated and then shortlisted for the Sunday Mail, Young Scot, Arts Award, for my poetry writing.

Mum, Dad and I arrived early for the awards ceremony at the Glasgow Hilton last Thursday.  The invite said to "dress to impress" and I did my best, with my waistcoat and cravat.  Although I'm only 12, I am a bit of an awards ceremony veteran and the Young Scot Awards was the most impressive one I've been to yet.  The organisers did us proud, the room looked magnificent with the literally brilliant table decorations and everything went like clockwork.  Everyone on my table was really friendly and all of them were rooting for me.

I wasn't expecting to win, the competition was very stiff.  I was up against some very impressive finalists, all much older than me. Toni James, 26, from Paisley is an accomplished pianist who has played at the Carnegie Hall in New York and the  British Embassy in Oslo.  The other Arts finalist was Shetland Young Promoters Group, a group of 14-18 year olds who stage music events.  I was therefore really excited and surprised when I was announced as the winner of the Arts award.  Young Scot Awards made a short film about me, which you can link to here  I didn't notice on the night, as I was on my way up to the stage with mum  so had my back to the audience, but according the the write up in the Sunday Mail last Sunday, the audience gave me a standing ovation. I was overwhelmed to learn that.

It was a real honour to be a prize winner and along with the other finalists to show the world what young people in Scotland can achieve with the right support.
I'd like to congratulate all the other finalists and winners, especially the winner of the overall Young Scot of Year award Erin McNeill, who looked stunning in tartan.
I would also like to thank Norma Curran from Values into Action for nominating me and for the cast of thousands, including mum and dad for giving me all the help and support I need to achieve and excel.

I'm really looking forward to taking my award into school to show my classmates, I know they were all rooting for me and will be as excited as me that I have won. I haven't been able to get into school lately.  It is a long story and for another day.  I hope me getting this award has shown lots of people that supporting me is worthwhile and despite all the challenges I face I can contribute just as much as other boys and girls my age to Scotland.  Thank you Sunday Mail and Young Scot for giving me this wonderful opportunity and a night I will always remember.

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